6 Easy Braided Hairstyles To Try This Season

6 Easy Braided Hairstyles To Try This Season

Trendy haircuts may come and go, but braided hairstyles just don’t seem to lose their momentum. Sick of styles that look hard to recreate and seem out of reach? Here are six that anyone—seriously, anyone—with a little patience (and the right product) can master.

Braided Side Ponytail

One of our favorite ways to upgrade a ponytail is to add a couple of micro braids on the tail for added texture.
  1. Create a side part and sweep hair back into a side ponytail.
  2. Braid the ponytail until you’re about ¾ of the way down, then secure with a plastic elastic. Wrap a small section of hair around the elastic to hide it.
  3. Add two to three mini braids or tiny fishtail braids to the loose tail. Mist all over with a strong hold hairspray (focus on the ends of those micro braids if you don’t want to secure with elastics) to lock into place.

Boho Crown Braid

Hands down, a boho crown braid is the most stylish and romantic way to hide dirty hair.
  1. After parting hair down the center, divide it into two equal sections and braid from the ears down to the ends. Secure with plastic elastics.
  2. Gently spread the braids with your fingers. This will help create the appearance of a wider, textured “halo”.
  3. Pull the left braid up and around the left side of your head (like a headband), then pin at the top with bobby pins.
  4. Take the right braid up and over the right side of your head. Cross the tail over the left braid, tucking and pinning to hide the braid ends. Heading outside? Mist with an anti-humidity hairspray for all-day hold.

Double Dutch Fishtail Braids

Don’t sweat your skill level when it comes to creating double Dutch fishtail braids. For this easy braided hairstyle look, the messier, the better.
  1. Part hair down the middle, all the way down the back of the head, and tie one section out of the way.
  2. Start your inverted fishtail by sectioning hair into two pieces. Take a small piece from the edge of the right side, cross it under, and add it to the left side.
  3. Do the same for the left side: cross a small piece of hair from the left side under and add it to the right side.
  4. Repeat, but after the initial braid stitch start adding in hair from the side of your head, like you would with a French braid.
  5. Continue down the back of the head, finishing with a regular fishtail braid once all the hair has been pulled in. Secure with an elastic, then wrap a small piece of hair around the elastic to hide it.
  6. Repeat on the other side. Once complete, seal the look in place with a hair finishing spray. Gently tug the sides of the fishtail to loosen up the braid.

Three-Row Braid

Rock a hairstyle like this edgy look featuring three braids and a super sleek pony during your next big night out.
  1. Prep hair with a volumizing spray foam to give it grip and texture. Select the four-inch selection where you’d like the braids to go and clip the rest of hair out of the way.
  2. Start the first braid by creating an upside down French braid: instead of crossing the two outside strands over the top of the center strand, you’ll be crossing under, which makes the braid pop.
  3. Continue until you hit the nape of your neck, and secure with an elastic. Finish the remaining two inverted braids.
  4. Sweep the rest of your hair back with the braids, combing all of the hair into a single elastic.

Messy Bun And Braid

All you need is 30 seconds to take a messy bun from slouchy to stylish by adding a skinny braid to the look.
  1. Starting at your hairline, braid a ½-inch section of hair all the way to the ends and secure with a clear plastic elastic.
  2. Twist hair back into a messy bun with the braid lying loosely on top.
  3. Spray with a quick dry hairspray to tame flyaways and add shine.

Half-Up Fishtail Braid

Add some polish to your look without losing your edge with this gorgeous half-up fishtail braid.
  1. Prep hair with a body-boosting, volumizing spray. Gather hair into a half-up pony and secure with a clear plastic elastic.
  2. Split the pony into two even sections and create a fishtail braid about 3/4ths down the length of hair. Secure the braid with a plastic elastic.
  3. Use scissors to cut the elastic at the base of your pony, then gently tug the sides of the fishtail to create a thicker braid and more imperfect look.
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