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Free Hand Κρέμα Ξανοίγματος Μαλλιών

Clay-based lightener
Creamy lightener specially formulated for open air, balayage, and free hand techniques.

  • Up to 6 levels of lift
  • Perfect consistency with an ideal balance of dry outer shell with moist interior
  • Smooth texture and working consistency
  • Stays in place after application
  • Use for off-scalp balayage, ombre and sombre techniques
  • Place recommended amount of lightener and developer in a non-metallic bowl and mix thoroughly until smooth consistency is achieved
  • The use of scales is encouraged to measure Free Hand lightener for the most consistent and reliable results. However, in the absence of scales, the below measurements are recommended to meet your dispensing needs*
 When Using Use This # of Scoops   To Equal To
 Flash Lift Scoop  4 level scoops  40 grams of Free Hand lightener
 Blonde Dimensions Scoop  7 1/2 level scoops  40 grams of Free Hand lightener
 Up to 7 Scoop  7 1/2 level scoops
 40 grams of Free Hand lightener

*Please note: The number of scoops is specific to the weight and composition of Blonde Idol Free Hand Creamy Lightener. The recommended 1:1.5 mixing ratio will still be obtained by using the options above: 40grams powder + 60ml (2oz.) Pro-oxide Cream Developer 10, 20, 30, or 40 volume.

  • Off scalp Application: Process until desired lightness is achieved (maximum of up to 50 minutes). DO NOT HEAT.
  • When processing is complete: Rinse, shampoo and condition with Extreme.