Understated Swirl Bun

  1. Apply new pillow proof blow dry express treatment primer cream  to damp, clean hair. Blow dry hair using a round brush until dry.

  2. Using a comb, create a clean middle part. Lightly spray wind blown 05 dry finishing spray to dry hair for volume and grip.

  3. Section hair into three sections: two on either side of the head from the ears forward, and the third the remaining hair toward the back of the head. Pull the back section into a mid-height ponytail, and secure with an elastic. Gently tug hair beneath the ponytail so it becomes loose and balloon-like in shape.

  4. Gather each section on both sides of the head and gently pull toward the back of the head, letting the hair slightly fall over the ears. Secure sections into the ponytail elastic using pins.

  5. Place a hair net overtop of the ponytail and twist hair into a mid-height chignon and secure with pins.

  6. Lightly spray wind blown 05 dry finishing spray to hairline and overtop chignon for added hold and texture.

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